Software Hub on Personal Device

Please note at the moment the AppsAnywhere program does not work on Mac OS Mojave. If you have this version of Mac OS installed please email support@ntu.ac.uk to request the install file you require, please let us know you are using Mojave.

This guide will show you how you can access and install software for home use on your personal devices.

On your personal device go to https://softwarehub2.ntu.ac.uk/

When prompted, enter your NTU Account details with ADS\ before your username


If you receive the following message, click Yes.


If this is the first time visiting the website from your home PC, you will see this message:


Click on the left-hand Blue box and follow the instructions


When completed you will see Validation Successful 


Installing an Application for the First Time

Scroll down the page to find the application you want to install (or use the Search function).  Note that for licensing reasons some applications will not run outside of the University and will therefore not be displayed on the Software Hub.

When you have located the application you wish to install, click on the Launch or Download.


Launching streams the application to your device and downloading installs the program locally. The below will guide you through both options. 

By selecting Download will take you to a website to download the software and provide instructions on how to receive the licence information. 
This will be software such as SPSS, Nvivo and AMOS.

Select the software install file and then Download at the top of the page.


When selecting Launch will start the Apps Anywhere program and install the software on your


When it has finished, the application will show in the Cloudpaging player program and can be opened from the Start Menu.


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