SPSS, Nvivo, Minitab and AMOS for home use

SPSS, Nvivo and AMOS are available to install on your personal PC's and Mac's.

To receive the licence and install file please email support@ntu.ac.uk with one of the below subject lines.

Software Acknowledgement For SPSS
Software Acknowledgement For Nvivo
Software Acknowledgement For AMOS
Software Acknowledgement For Minitab

You will then be sent terms and conditions and a link to download the software.

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    Keyworth, Matt

    Does this mean it is no longer possible to copy any software from the software folder on the G drive of student PCs?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    That's correct Matthew
    Best wishes

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    Rosie Bailey 2019 (N0840779)

    how doi download mini tab