We are busy and will get back to you as soon as possible

Currently we are working hard on tickets and phone calls, this is not due to reduced cover, however is due to the shear volume of requests currently coming in. Please know we are looking into these issues and phone calls.

During this time, we thank you for your understanding in these pressing times. However, to get your issue resolved as fast as possible it is best to get as much issue into your initial ticket. This will allow for us to review the issue's you are having as fast as possible and hopefully solve the ticket straight away. 


You are able to request tickets in the following manner - 

Emailing at - Support@ntu.ac.uk

Submitting a ticket at - https://support.ntu.ac.uk/hc/en-us and selecting 'Make a request or report a fault'

Calling on - 01158488500 option 2, let it be known there are extended wait times to usual on the phones due to the load of calls coming into the Service Desk


The following information is useful for us to resolve the issues and can also get us pointed in the right direction:


  1. What the ticket is directly relating too! The title is always a good start, if you make sure the software you are having an issue with is in the title of the ticket and the error you receive


  1. The type of device you are using
    • An apple device - macbook / mac desktop, if you are using a mac what version of the OS are you using, to get this press the apple icon in the top left and press 'System information'
    • A Windows device, if so which version (Windows 7 / 8 / 10, this can be found by going to the start menu and searching for 'System information')
    • A Chromebook
    • Other
  2. Is this an NTU device?
  3. What type of software are you having an issue with?
    • Common software includes:- Software Hub, Pulse Secure, Panopto
  4. What is the issue and what are you aiming to do?
    • Say exactly what you are aiming to do, how you are doing it and the error you receive 
  5. What have you tried, to troubleshoot the error? - This will allow us to not recommend the same things that you have already done
    • This includes general trouble shooting like rebooting the machine and restarting your router
    • If you have used any of our other forum guides, please include the ones you have used and a link to them so we again won't cover what is done in those ticket.


Please be aware, we currently have more people looking into tickets than we usually do as well to help cover the amount of requests coming into the desks, this guide is just to make sure we can answer tickets as fast as possible and have the information we need to resolve the issues swiftly.

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