Using your Personalised Desktop

The University uses a set of management software allowing you to access software relevant to your course on any university computer. Once you have logged in, you will see this screen.

This is the RES ONE Workspace environment loading.


You will then see your personalised desktop, which will include the name of the subject area you are studying.

The Application Jukebox Player will also appear and will inform you of the applications you have open or that are loading.


 Specific applications relevant to your course will appear in your Start Menu.

You can however access other software via the “Software Hub”, which you can get to via the icon on your desktop.


Once you have clicked this icon you will then get the following screen below, where you will find a list of all the applications you can open and use.

You open an app by selecting the “Launch” icon. 

The app will then start to load through the Application Jukebox Player. 

Once the app has fully loaded in the Application Jukebox Player, you can click “Launch” to open the app.

The application will then open and be ready for you to use. 

Personalising your Desktop

If you want to personalise your Desktop by adding shortcuts to your most commonly-used applications, you can do this through “Workspace Preferences”, which is located on the Start Menu under “RES ONE Workspace Settings”.

  • Click “Workspace Preferences” and the following screen will appear:

You can either pin applications to your Desktop, your Taskbar, or your Start Menu. 

  • Select the application on the left hand side, then click the arrow:


  • When you have finished, click “Apply new settings now” and the shortcuts you have selected will be added. 

They will then be available on every NTU PC that you log onto.

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