NTU Student App FAQs

Q: What platforms does the app support?

A: The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Q: Where can I download the app from?

A: To download the app onto your Apple device click here. For Android devices click here

Q: What features does the app have?

A: The following features are available to use:

  • Timetabling
  • Campus maps
  • Dropbox deadlines
  • Attendance monitoring
  • NOW learning rooms and resources

Q: How do the QR codes work for attendance in lectures?

A: At your lecture, you will be presented with a QR code that is pre generated by your lecturer. In the app, you simply click on  that's on the top right hand corner of the home screen.

Once you click on that icon, you'll be presented with this screen.

Click on Scan. You will then have to scan the QR code provided by your tutor. Follow the on screen instructions to record your attendance.

Q. I commute to and from uni, will the app cause any travel delays when I try to record my attendance?

A. No it should not. Where the QR code is used for scanning it will generally be used at the start of a session – for the first 10-15 minutes, not at the end as the QR code will expire at the end of the lecture's scheduled end time.  

Q. I can't connect to NTU WiFi and I do not have date. How can I record my attendance?

A. You are able to record your attendance offline. Follow the same procedure as recording attendance whilst connected to WiFi, and at the end you will receive a notification informing you that it'll get recorded once next online. 

Q. I can't access the app to record my attendance, how do I register into my lectures?

A. If you are unable to access the app, please speak to your tutor at the end of the lecture as there is an alternative method of recording your attendance. Although please bear in mind that not all lecturers will use this method for recording attendance.

Q. I can't login to the app, why?

A. If you are unable to login please ensure to check the following details are correct when you type in your username and password:

  • Make sure there is no white space before or after your username and password or it will fail to log you in.
  • Be aware that your password is case sensitive, your phone may/may not capitalise the first character when it should/shouldn't.
  • Do not use autocomplete to finish your username. Since normally you’d be using autocomplete to enter a word as part of a sentence, it adds a space afterwards which many do not notice and causes a log in problem because your username is unrecognised.

Q. Why doesn't my QR scanner not work?

A. If you are using an iPhone then this is caused by the app not being permitted to access the camera the first time the QR scanner was opened. The only way this can be changed is to go back to the phone’s settings, and scrolling down until NTU Student is found. Once this has been done, you should see whether Camera is switched on or not. If you are using an Android device, please email support@ntu.ac.uk for more help.

Q. Why does the app freeze after the initial login on my phone?

A. Some students are able to get past the initial log-in but then get stuck on the loader, which just continues to spin. This sometimes also shows up as a completely frozen app, which occurs when the student closes and reopens the app whilst it is stuck in this loader. The solution for this is to navigate to the phone’s settings and ensure that both the date/time and time-zone are set to automatic. This can sometimes take a minute or two before these automatically update, but it solves this specific issue.

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