NTUanywhere – Android Mobile user guide

A new app has been released called Pulse Secure. You can find the link here


In order to use NTUanywhere you will need a connection to the Internet. Your device will need to be running Android 4.0 and above

Accessing NTUanywhere

Browse to the url https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk/. The NTUanywhere notification will be displayed.


Click Proceed if you are an authorised user (NTU staff or student). You will then be presented with a login screen.


Sign in with your NTU username and password and click Sign In.


You will then see the screen above. Clicking on Web Bookmarks will give you access to the web links available to you.


Click your “back” button to take you back. File Browsing will give you access to your file bookmarks such as your home directory or any others that have been created for you.


Clicking on the VPN icon will launch an app called Junos Pulse (this is the equivalent of Net connect). If you get an error then you most likely need to download the Junos Pulse app available as a free download from the Android market application store.


Using Junos Pulse

When you use the Junos Pulse app it will allow you to access other resources on the network. For example, if you have The Microsoft Remote Desktop app installed you can access your NTU PC as if you are logging into it at NTU. Please see here for the set up guide.

The Junos Pulse app is available as a free download from the Android market application store. From your Android device, download the Junos Pulse software directly to the device. Once downloaded, Junos Pulse installs automatically. Once the application has been downloaded and installed, the Junos Pulse icon appears in the applications menu.


The first time you start Junos Pulse, the End User License Agreement appears. You must Accept the license to begin using Junos Pulse. Select Connections to setup a secure connection to NTU.



Select Add Connection 

Enter the connection properties as follows and then Create Connection:

Connection name
: ntuanywhere

URL: https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk/

Do not select Certificate or Key Path

Enter your username and password 


Once configured select the Connect button you should see the icon indicating a successful connection. 

Clicking on Intranet will give you access to your Web bookmarks. Email will give access to your Outlook Web Access profile.


To sign out simply click Sign Out

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