Wireless Printing - Windows 8 Guide

To connect to the Colour and Mono MFPs you will need to be connected to NTU-Wifi. Please see the guides here on how to connect to NTU-Wifi.

The printers you can connect to are below

City Campus

Colour Printers - \\mercedes\city-colour-mfps

Mono Printers - \\mercedes\city-mono-mfps

Clifton Campus

Colour Printers - \\porsche\clifton-colour-mfps


Brackenhurst Campus

Colour Printers - \\porsche\brackenhurst-colour-MFPs

Mono Printers - \\porsche\brackenhurst-mono-MFPs


  • In the Search box enter the printer path for example \\mercedes\city-colour-mfps and press Enter

  • You will then be prompted for your username and password. Please ensure that you have ads\ before your username.

  • The printer driver will then be installed.

  • You will then be able to release your prints using your Smartcard.
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    Izziddin Bassam Izziddin Amro 02 2016 (N0729911)

    thanks a lot its working on windows 10!.

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    Cooper, Paul

    Many thanks for your feedback Izziddin