Adding a delegate in Outlook 2011 for Mac

To add a user as a Delegate in Outlook 2011 on the Mac:


1) Click Tools from the top Outlook menu and click Accounts. 

2) In the Account box select your Exchange account from the left-hand menu and click Advanced.

3) Click the Delegates tab and then click the plus sign (+) under Delegates who can act on my behalf.

4) In the Select User dialog box, enter the person's name and click Find. Select the correct person or account from the results and click OK.

5) In the Permissions dialogue box, adjust the delegate settings for your Calendar and Inbox. You can also grant access to your Contacts, Tasks, or Notes. Below is a summary of permission levels:

  • Editor: delegate can create, read, modify, and delete all items and files.
  • Author: delegate can create and read items and files as well as modify and delete items and files the delegate created.
  • Reviewer: Delegate can read items and files only.
  • None: Delegate has no permissions and cannot open the folder.

6) You can now select to Send permissions summary if you wish which will notify your delegate that her or she has been granted access to your account. Then click OK.

7) The delegate now appears under Delegates who can act on my behalf. Click OK to close the window.

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