The ISSC committee needs YOU!

Are you a school or course rep? Do you want to boost your CV and shape the future of the IT department here at NTU? Yes? Then the IS student committee is the place for you! The main aim of the committee is centred around getting your voice heard, and discussing the topics and issues which are most relevant to you.

To give you a feel of the committee, here are some examples of the ISSC’s achievements so far. The NTU IT Finder app has been developed by Information Systems (IS). This app was co-created with the committee in order to ensure we deliver an app that satisfies student’s needs. The app is available on the app store and google play to download today! The committee also frequently raised concerns from their student cohort, issues included PC numbers, survey software and NOW personalisation. All of which have been taken into consideration by the IS department. Finally, committee members participated in a presentation at the Learning and Teaching Conference. This was delivered to academics, and allowed students to have a voice on what technology they need to improve their lecture experience at NTU.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact any of the following:



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