HP MFP Print Release, Copying and Scanning Instructions

HP Multi-Functional Operating Instructions

When you walk up to any HP MFP the first screen you will see will be this one: (if the screen is dark, tap it to bring the machine out of power saving mode)

You will see the following options:

• Print Release

• Copy

• E-mail

• Administration

Print Release


Selecting ‘Print Release’ will allow you to print any documents you have queued to be printed.

You will first of all be prompted to scan your swipe card onto the black card sensor, simply hover your card over the sensor until the light turns green. (you may have to wait a couple of seconds for the system to log you in)

Once you have logged in you should see a similar screen to the one below.

 You will now have 4 options to either ‘Print All’ the jobs in your queue, ‘Print’ a selected job, ‘Delete’ a selected job or view your ‘Account’ details which will show you your current balance.

Selecting home will return you to the main ‘Home’ screen where you can select other options or log out.



Selecting ‘Copy’ will show your current balance plus various copying options.

To start copying simply press on the screen or the main Start button on the copier.

To start copying simply press the Start Copy button on the screen or the main Start button on the copier.

You also get the option to change any default settings such as:

Double sided options (duplex)

Change from Black as standard to colour

You also get the option of reducing/enlarging, changing the resolution, changing the orientation and to select paper from a different tray.

Scan to Email

Selecting this option will allow you to scan in pages and send them to your email address as an attachment.

If you are still logged into the machine it will auto-fill the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields. If you need to add anther recipient to send this to, you will need to do this within your email client once you have received the file.

If you click on ‘More Options’ you have the option to change the file format, change to colour and change the resolution.

Please note you will only be able to scan to emails with an attachment size under 4mb. If you feel you will go over this limit please split the job in two and send two separate emails.

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