NTU Survey How To's

Getting an account

All you need to do is email support@ntu.ac.uk requesting your account to be created.

Logging into your account

When your account has been created you can start creating your survey 

  • Go to https://admin.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/
  • Enter your NTU email address 
    • Students - firstname.lastnamestartyear@my.ntu.ac.uk
    • Staff - firstname.lastname@ntu.ac.uk
  • Enter the password that you had selected previously when activating the account

Creating a survey

  • Log into your account
  • Click on: + Create New

  • Enter your survey title 

  • Once you have selected Create Survey, you will automatically be taken into the Design tab of your survey. To return to the BOS dashboard at any time, select the BOS icon located in the top left hand corner of your screen.

  • Your survey should now be visible under Your Surveys

Adjusting the design of your survey 

Once you have created a survey, you will be able to adjust the design of it.

  • From "Your surveys" click Design on the survey you have created

Please note: All surveys must have at least two pages before you will be able to launch it. The last page of your survey must remain blank

Once inside Design you will be able to Add, Edit and Delete items.

Adding a question to your survey

  • Select "Add item" and choose the type of question that you would like to appear on your survey

  • Select the relevant parameters you would like to appear for your question. Once you have finished, select Add question

  • In the same way, select Add Page to add a new page to your survey

  • Choose a title for the new page

Launching your Survey

  • To launch your survey, select the Distribute tab

  • To adjust the settings for your survey before you launch it, select Distribution Settings


  • You will be able to adjust the Opening/Closing date of your survey and adjust the survey URL (the link required to access your survey).


  • Once you are happy with these settings, select Save


  • When you have finished adjusting your survey and want to publish it, select Launch Survey

  • A confirmation page will appear to tell you that your survey is now ready. The page will include the web address (URL) for your survey.
  • We strongly encourage survey authors to pilot surveys before launching a final version.

Viewing results

To view results of a created survey, select the Analyse tab

You will be able to check the statistics of your survey by utilizing this feature.

NTU Staff

Are you thinking of conducting surveys that include support, services, experience or satisfaction please contact MAR MR Surveys to discuss your requirements.

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  • Avatar
    Bowcott, Peter
    Hi Carl, it would be useful to see what a report looks like. It implies students can set up surveys? Some detail of piping would be good. I thought there was some way that you could give out passwords for users to be able to partake?
  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul
    Dear Peter Just to confirm that students can indeed setup surveys in this way as well as staff. Would you be able to clarify your reference to piping for us though please? Thanks in advance Paul