Easy Print User Guide


You may wish to have your cost code to hand as you will require this later on.

  • Then select the Send a Document tab, to be able to submit a document for printing and finishing. 
  • To upload a document, click Select and then Choose the File you wish to submit.

You can submit more than one document by repeating this step.

(IMPORTANT NOTES: if you are uploading a document to print that is a PowerPoint presentation or a page from Excel, you must set the print layout as you require and convert to PDF yourself, before uploading the document as a PDF.

If you are accessing EasyPrint from home and wish to submit a document from an NTU Drive, you can do this by logging into NTUanywhere via https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk and following the set-up process).

  • When you have selected all the files you want to submit, press the upload button. Please wait for the files to upload and be converted to a PDF document, which may take a few minutes depending on the size and details of the document you are submitting.


  • When complete you will see thumbnails of your documents, you can review the PDF by clicking the PDF symbol to ensure it matches your original document with the print layout you require.
You can also select each one and delete from your library at any time.
  • To order the document for print, Check the Box for the document and click the Basket icon. 
  • You will be taken to this screen which contains a library of finishing options. Select the one you require by clicking Proceed.
  • You will then be taken to the job ticket, where you should enter all the appropriate details. Then select Next and continue to enter the information required.  

 Please note that fields highlighted in red are mandatory.

  • When completing the job ticket, you will get to the basket screen. You must enter quantity required and click Recalculate Price. This will then be displayed on the screen for you.

You can then continue through the job ticket screens, including entering your details and entering your NTU cost code from the drop-down list.

  • You will be taken to this screen to review and confirm your order. You can either select cancel order at this point or confirm your order.
  • Once you have confirmed your order, you will be able to print your receipt and will receive email confirmation which will include your order reference number. Your order is now placed so you can log-off at this point.
  •  If you wish to view your orders after confirmation, you can click the my orders tab. You can then check the status of your orders.

 If your order is showing ‘order placed’, then the job has not yet gone to print and so can therefore still be deleted at this point.

  • You can also select the libraries tab to see all the jobs you have uploaded. They will stay stored in your library until you delete them. Alternatively, you can send to re-print at any time from this point.
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