Recognising Fraudulent Emails

Occasionally staff and students report receiving emails requesting them to visit websites to update or confirm their details. These kind of messages are "phishing" emails which means they are trying to fraudulently capture log on details or in some cases bank account or credit card information. These messages do not originate from NTU Digital Technologies, and are an attempt to steal NTU usernames and passwords.  You should NEVER send your NTU, personal or financial details by email, and we would never ask you to do so.

Digital Technologies do attempt to block these messages and websites however due to the volume and character of these kinds of illegal activities it is often impossible to stop all of them. If you do receive any messages similar in nature to these please delete them.  If you receive an email message asking you to click on a link to confirm your Username, Password or any other personal details, DO NOT click on it, DO NOT respond and DO NOT forward it to any of your contacts.

If you are unsure as to the efficacy of a message please call the Service Desk and we will offer advice and assistance, as well as getting malicious sites removed and fraudulent email addresses blocked from entering the University.

Attached is a document outlining some of the common ways of recognising malicious emails and websites, please download and read this document carefully in order to learn about how to make sure you are never affected by this type of criminal activity, which could result in loss of data or financial harm to your bank accounts.

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