ntu-wifi - Windows XP Set Up

Please see the end of the guide for auto set up Zip.

You will need to download the zip file extract the files (Right click Extract All)
And the run the su1x-setup-unsigned. 

  • Open the network connections control panel. (Click Start, Control Panel,select Classic View if not already selected, click Network Connections)
  • Right click on your wireless network connection, and select Properties.
  • Select the Wireless Networks tab.
  • Ensure the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings box is ticked.
  • In the list of preferred networks, if ntu-wifi exists, select it and click Remove.
  • Click the Add button (in the preferred networks section)
  • In the Association tab, enter ntu-wifi into the Network name (SSID) box.
  • Change the Network Authentication drop down option to WPA2.
  • Change the Data Encryption drop down option to AES.
  • Select the Authentication tab.
  • In the EAP type drop down menu, select Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Untick the Authenticate as computer when computer information is available box. 
  • Untick the Authenticate as guest when user or computer information is unavailable box.
  • Click on the Properties button.
  • Place a tick in the box Validate server certificate.


  • Tick the box Connect to these servers.
  • In to the Connect to these servers box, enter wireless.ntu.ac.uk
  • Make sure the Trusted Root Certification Authority – GlobalSign Root CA is ticked
  • Place a tick in the box Do not prompt user to authorize new servers or trusted certification authorities
  • In the Select Authentication Method drop down menu, select Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP-v2)
  • Tick the box Enable Fast Reconnect.
  • Click on the Configure button.
  • Untick the box Automatically use my windows logon name and password
  • Click Ok (EAP MSCHAP-v2 window)
  • Click Ok (Protected EAP Properties window)
  • Click Ok (Wireless Network Connection window)
  • Your computer should now attempt to connect to the ntu-wifi network.
  • Lookout for a yellow popup bubble at the bottom of your screen saying Click here to select a certificate or other credentials for connection to the network ntu-wifi, click on it when it appears.
  • In the Enter Credentials window enter your NTU username and password.
  • Logon Domain: leave blank
  • Click Ok – Your computer should then authenticate you to the network and you will be able to access the Internet.
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