Sharing your iPhone's data connection (Tethering/Personal HotSpot)

Be aware that NTU iPhones only have a 1GB data bundle as standard. If you expect to use more than this you should do one of the following:

a)    Get a dedicated data SIM for the iPad/Tablet (if the tablet has a SIM slot)

b)    Add an extra Data bundle to your iPhone tariff

c)    Get a purchase a Mobile Wi-Fi unit from Vodafone with a dedicated data SIM

Make sure that you have an iPhone 3G or later. Only these generations of iPhones support tethering. 

To activate Tethering / Personal Hotspot: (Note: the images used are from an iPhone 4, other devices may vary slightly)

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Network/Mobile Data.


  • Tap the Personal Hotspot option.


  • Tap the Wi-Fi Password option. This will enable you to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting.


  • Type your desired password and tap Done.


  • Slide the Personal Hotspot option from OFF to ON to enable Internet sharing. The phone will create a Wi-Fi network with the same name as your iPhone device name (John's iPhone, for example).


To connect your other devices to the phone's Internet connection, add them to the Wi-Fi network that the phone created, using the same process you would for any other Wi-Fi network. Use the following steps to do this on an iPad: 

  • On your iPad, tap Settings > Wi-Fi


  • Tap on the Wi-Fi network name from step 5 above. You will be asked to enter the password, then press Done.


  • You should then be connected to your iPhone’s Hotspot


You can also see when someone has connected to your Hotspot on your iPhone, a notification like the one below will appear


When you're done sharing the phone's Internet connection, you can disable sharing on the phone to disconnect all of the other devices:

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings > Personal Hotspot
  • Slide the Personal Hotspot option from ON to OFF to disable Internet sharing.


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