ntu-wifi - Windows 7 Set Up

Please see the end of the guide for auto set up Zip.

You will need to download the zip file extract the files (Right click Extract All)
And run the su1x-setup-unsigned.

  • Connect to ntu-wifi from your list of wireless networks


  • Enter your NTU username and password


  • At the Security Alert screen click Connect (you can select Details to make sure the information is the same as the graphic below. After this initial setup you will not be asked for this again. This is setting up a secure Server certificate for you)


  • After this you will be connected to ntu-wifi.

To manually configure ntu-wifi:

Start > Control Panel > View network status and tasks

Click Manage wireless networks

In the list of networks, if ntu-wifi exists, select it and click Remove.

Click Manually create a network profile and enter the following details -

Network name: ntu-wifi

Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type: AES

Click Next

Click Change connection settings

Click Security tab


Click on Configure

Untick the box Automatically use my windows logon name and password …

Click OK on each window


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