Syncing NTU timetable with your Windows Phone

This guide will help you to sync your NTU timetable with your Windows phone, allowing you to view your timetable on the device’s own calendar.

In order to sync your NTU timetable with your device, you will first need to sync your NTU timetable with an internet calendar, and then you can proceed to sync this calendar with your device. This guide will take you through both of these steps.

For this guide, you will be shown how to import your NTU timetable into a Hotmail calendar, as this is an account which most users of Windows phones should have, but there are many others available such as Google, Outlook etc. and the process is fairly similar throughout.

To begin, in your PC’s browser, navigate to your NTU Timetable either in NOW or on the Staff Portal, and select “Subscribe to iCal”.

If you are brought to the NOW Sign-on screen, enter your NTU username and password as normal.

Right-click on “Access Calendar” and select “Copy link address”

Now, go to Hotmail (www.hotmail.co.uk) and sign in to your account in the normal manner. Click on the menu at the top left hand corner and select 'Calendar'

This will bring you to the Calendar page, in here you will have a toolbar on top of the calendar, click Import

From the side options, click 'Subscribe'
Paste the link you copied earlier into the 'Calendar URL' field. Enter a name for your calendar (eg: NTU Timetable)
Click Subscribe
Once the calendar has successfully been subscribed to, your calendar will open with your events on it.

Now that your timetable is synced with our Hotmail calendar, on your phone this should also be the case. You may need to sync and/or restart your phone.
To Sync your account, go to settings, and within this a menu called “email+accounts”. Once you are in this section, hold your finger on the “Windows Live” account in your list, until the option to synchronise appears. Tap this option and wait for your phone to sync.
Also check in Calendar Settings to make sure that the specific timetable is turned on.
This service is a subscription to your NTU timetable. This means that you will be dependent on how often your Windows mobile device will update your Calendar, and your connection to the Internet or a 3G network.
If you are in any doubt about the accuracy of your NTU Timetable, please consult your timetable directly within NOW.
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    McAteer, Degan

    Hi all,

    Most of the timetabling issues should now be resolved. If you are still having difficulties with syncing your timetable to your device please use the "Submit a Request" form at the top of the page. When filling out this form please give exact details of your issues to help our team in finding a solution as quickly as possible.



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    N0517906 (Stephen Thackery 2013)

    Message for Degan:


    Could you rewrite this guide for Outlook.com?  Hotmail is now obsolete.  The procedure is similar, but there are a few minor differences.