Syncing NTU timetable with your Android Device

This guide will help you to sync your NTU timetable with your Android device, allowing you to view your timetable on the device’s own calendar.

Note: When you first setup your phone you will have been asked to setup or sign in to a Google account. If you did not do this then you will need to now before you complete the instructions in this guide. For help with setting up a Google account on your device see this guide.

In order to sync your NTU timetable with your device, you will first need to sync your NTU timetable with your Google calendar, and then you can proceed to sync your Google calendar with your device. This guide will take you through both of these steps.

To begin, in your PC’s browser, navigate to your NTU Timetable either in NOW or on the Staff Portal, and select “Subscribe to iCal”.

If you are brought to the NOW Sign-on screen, enter your NTU username and password as normal.


You should then be taken to the following screen

Right-click on “Access Calendar Feed” and select “Copy Shortcut”


Now, go to Google (www.google.co.uk) and click on the “Sign in” button in the top right hand corner


Enter your Google account email and password to sign in


Once signed in, click on the “Calendar” link in the top toolbar


On the Calendar page, on the left hand side of the screen, click on the small drop box to the right of “Other Calendars” and then select “Add by URL”


The “Add by URL” window should come up, in here paste the link you copied from the “Access Calendar Feed” earlier on, and then click on “Add Calendar”


After a moment, your timetable should now be synced into your Google calendar


On your Android device, you may need to add your calendar for it to update with your NTU timetable. To do this, open up your calendar, and then the “Settings”, bringing up this screen


Select the “Calendars” menu, then scroll down and make sure the timetable you just added has green tick beside it


Return to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and select “Calendar sync”


At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Sync All” button


Return to your calendar, your NTU timetable should now be present alongside any other calendars you may have made available on your device, and therefore your setup is now complete.


This service is a subscription to your NTU timetable. This means that you will be dependent on how often your Android device will update your Calendar, and your connection to the Internet or a 3G network.

If you are in any doubt about the accuracy of your NTU Timetable, please consult your timetable directly within NOW.

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    N0063851 (Helen Shortland 2011)

    I am having the same problems as Rudi Hayward.

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    Ellen Lawes 2012 (N0469827)

    I am having the same problem as Rudi Haywood too. It was on my phone yesterday, Woke this morning to find it gone. I cant seem to get it back. Please help.

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    Bulldev Grewal 2012 (N0390945)

    Need help doesnt work on sony xperia S??

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    McAteer, Degan

    Hi all,

    Apologies again for the issues with syncing your NTU timetable to your device. We are currently looking into issue and will hopefully have a solution soon.



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    McAteer, Degan

    Hello again,

    We are still looking into a solution for the current issue. However we can provide you all with an alternative method. Please note that this alternative uses a 3rd party application and as such, you should use your own judgement as to whether or not to use it on your devices. See the link below if you would like to try it.




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    Carmina Nascimento 2012 (N0235994)

    Hi, thanks for your help it works perfectly.



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    Spence, John

    Below is the current next steps in getting the NTU timetable feed to work on android if you are having trouble.

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. We are currently having some interesting issue with calenders on google calendars for some users not showing some events and by extension not coming through to peoples devices but it sounds like google calendar is working fine for you.

    We have 3 things to try: (I expect 3 to work if 1 and 2 don't)

    1) It sound like you have already tried the obvious troubleshooting steps but just incase here is the quick version:

    If you have added the feed into google calendar and can see the events on the website but the calendar doesn’t appear as an option on your phone you will need to:

    Check you have internet connectivity (3g/wifi) on your device.

    Close the calendar application.

    On your phone, go to "Settings" then "Accounts and Sync" and check sync is turned on.

    Check the google account you connected the calendar to is shown in the list (you can also tap on that account and check the sync calendar is ticked)

    Click the "Sync all" button.

    Go back to your calendar and you should find "NTU timetable" waiting to be checked as visible.

    Normally your phone will have already had a chance to sync and notice the new calendar but if you have only just added a new calendar it might not have noticed yet. The above forces it.

    2) If you still having no luck getting the calendar onto your phone we can move onto the harsher steps.

    This will remove any events from your calendar and force a resync so please make sure you have any important events noted or synced outside your phone (normally events automatically sync so you should be fine but check they are on your main google calendar).

    Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Calendar storage

    Then, click "Clear data" and "Force stop". Depending on how many apps, files you have on your phone it can sometimes take a while for options on the page to go from computing... to allowing you to click.

    The first one wipes out the local cache; the latter forces the calendar to restart and download the calendars again from the internet.

    Open up your calendar app and everything should appear.

    3) Current option of last resort.

    Our support desk have put up a guide with an alternative method which so far has worked well:


    Any questions, just ask.

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    N0380882 (Freyja Nash 2011)

    This is great, thanks! Is there a way to set it up to give you notifications if a lecture is cancelled?

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    Spence, John

    You can opt in to receive emails or sms notification when an event is added / cancel / changed by going to google calendar > then "Settings (cog shaped icon)" then "settings"

    Once in there you can choose which calendar you want to modify the notification for by clicking the "Reminders and notifications" tab.

    Seems to work but might not be 100% or always timely but worth a try.


    Reminders and notifications

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    Rebecca-May Gregory 2012 (N0447437)

    Heya everyone,

    So coming to attach my timetable to my Galaxy Note, I was having trouble. As I would normally do, I copy the link and slap it in Google calendars on the computer then sync it to my phone. This time, it didn't work. "Empty NTU timetable". So I read up and noticed people are having the same problems. 

    I then try multiple different ways people have said and I have even tried the 3rd party app through the Play Store, however, it just comes up blank on my phone. It does not "reading calendar". 

    Having no luck with anything.

    Please help

    Becca <3

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    Spence, John

    Hi Rebecca, just tested your ical feed a few minutes ago and it seem to be working so please give it another go. 

    The majority of timetables were released on mass around 5pm today (19/09/2013) so nearly everyone should now have there timetables available in NOW and also via the ical feed.    If you can see your timetable in NOW then your ical feed should also be working. 

    The Good news:

    If you have subscribed to the ical feed and got the "Empty timetable" message in the calendar then once your timetable is released (likely today) you will suddenly get events the next time your app/device resyncs from the feed.

    The android 3rd party solution should pick up the change within 2 hours (depending on how your configured it) , we cache the data so the minimum refresh period in 2 hours before new data appears.


    The bad news:If you have subscribed via your google calendar then it might be up to 12 hours before google next pulls your ical feed so it might take a while to appear there.  This is outside our control unfortunately.

    I've just checked and your google calendar is indeed still showing the "Unable to create personal icalendar file for user", it will fix itself the next time google pulls the data.


    I hope that helps, please lets us know if it still isn't working with 24 hours and we will investigate more.


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    Yahaya, Salisu Wada 2015 (PGR)
    This is very helpful. Thanks