Syncing NTU timetable with your Android Device

This guide will help you to sync your NTU timetable with your Android device, allowing you to view your timetable on the device’s own calendar.

Note: When you first setup your phone you will have been asked to setup or sign in to a Google account. If you did not do this then you will need to now before you complete the instructions in this guide. For help with setting up a Google account on your device see this guide.

In order to sync your NTU timetable with your device, you will first need to sync your NTU timetable with your Google calendar, and then you can proceed to sync your Google calendar with your device. This guide will take you through both of these steps.

To begin, in your PC’s browser, navigate to your NTU Timetable either in NOW or on the Staff Portal, and select “Subscribe to iCal”.

If you are brought to the NOW Sign-on screen, enter your NTU username and password as normal.


You should then be taken to the following screen

Right-click on “Access Calendar Feed” and select “Copy Shortcut”


Now, go to Google (www.google.co.uk) and click on the “Sign in” button in the top right hand corner


Enter your Google account email and password to sign in


Once signed in, click on the “Calendar” link in the top toolbar


On the Calendar page, on the left hand side of the screen, click on the small drop box to the right of “Other Calendars” and then select “Add by URL”


The “Add by URL” window should come up, in here paste the link you copied from the “Access Calendar Feed” earlier on, and then click on “Add Calendar”


After a moment, your timetable should now be synced into your Google calendar


On your Android device, you may need to add your calendar for it to update with your NTU timetable. To do this, open up your calendar, and then the “Settings”, bringing up this screen


Select the “Calendars” menu, then scroll down and make sure the timetable you just added has green tick beside it


Return to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and select “Calendar sync”


At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Sync All” button


Return to your calendar, your NTU timetable should now be present alongside any other calendars you may have made available on your device, and therefore your setup is now complete.


This service is a subscription to your NTU timetable. This means that you will be dependent on how often your Android device will update your Calendar, and your connection to the Internet or a 3G network.

If you are in any doubt about the accuracy of your NTU Timetable, please consult your timetable directly within NOW.

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    Fitzgerald, Tony

    Many, many thanks for this helpful step-by-step instruction

    Tony Fitzgerald



  • Avatar
    N0057488 (Elizabeth Cripwell 2008)

    Mine won't work, I have followed the instructions and copied the URL and clicked add calendar but nothing happens? I have a timetable in NOW?


  • Avatar
    N0328453 (Robert Williamson 2010)

    It doesn't work for me either. In Gmail is says 'Empty NTU Calendar File'

    Will be useful when it is working properly though


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    N0267212 (Gregory Daines 2009)

    I had the same problem as listed above with google claiming "Empty NTU Calendar File".

    What I found worked instead was...

    1. Open the ical file inside ical, right click on the calendar and selected 'copy url' (see attached screen shot). The url was different from the one taken to open the ical file, ( the number at the end consisted of about six numbers)  
    2. Paste the new URL into the google calendar URL box as shown on the tutorial above and then this worked and I got the intended result that the tutorial shows.  


  • Avatar
    William Whyte 2011 (N0389437)

    I'm having the same issues as mentioned above with the 'Empty NTU Calendar File' and I would try the help mentioned by Greg above, but I don't have iCal...

  • Avatar
    N0366490 (Daniel Patrick 2011)


    I am also having trouble with it, I cannot get it to sync to my iPad, Phone (HTC Android) or PC (Windows 7)....lot of good this is...

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    N0368704 (Reece Smith-Tyler 2011)

    If you cant get it to work, open the graphical view, right click it and view source, then look for a line which will be like

    http://elearn.ntu.ac.uk/resources/ttredirect.asp?uid= (your

    was on line 44 on mine!

    then sub that number into the place on the following link and use that link as of shown instructions

    webcal://elearn.ntu.ac.uk/resources/ttredirect.asp?uid= (your  number)

    hope that helps!

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    McAteer, Degan

    Hi all,

    Apologies for the issues with syncing your NTU timetable to your device. We are currently looking into whether this is an issue with timetabling or the system itself, and will hopefully have a solution soon.

  • Avatar
    N0267240 (Matthew Watson 2009)

    still broke :), and for me atleast putting my UID into the url manually also gave me a empty calender file

  • Avatar
    N0256523 (Alexander Lee-Isted 2009)

    Wasn't working for me but followed Reece Smith-Tyler's method and now it is working fine.  

  • Avatar
    McAteer, Degan

    An unexpected issue arose which wasn't seen during initial testing.  That issue has been resolved and your application should pick up the corrected version when it next updates which is usually every 2 hours. Please force a refresh if you are still not seeing your timetable. Google calendar users may have to wait slightly longer due to how Google calendar polls for changes.

    Service Desk

  • Avatar
    N0468607 (Guybon Berrnico 2012)

    Doesnt work for me either, i get this message : Could not fetch the URL because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the URL

  • Avatar
    Mohammed Benslimane 2011 (N0403006)

    i get the same message!!

  • Avatar
    N0267240 (Matthew Watson 2009)

    Mine now comes up as "University Timetable" but has no entries.... personally I think Degan broke it

  • Avatar
    Caroline Holland 2012 (N0430517)

    Perfect Thanks :)

  • Avatar
    N0328453 (Robert Williamson 2010)

    It now works in my gmail calendar, but doesn't appear on my calendar on my android phone. Any solutions?

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    During testing we found this to work: 

    If you have added the feed into google calendar and can see the events on the website but the calendar doesn’t appear as an option on your phone you will need to:

    • Check you have internet connectivity (3g/wifi) on your device.
    • Close the calendar application.
    • On your phone, go to “Settings” then “Accounts and Sync” and check sync is turned on.
    • Check the google account you connected the calendar to is shown in the list (you can also tap on that account and check the sync calendar is ticked)
    • Click the “Sync all” button.
    • Go back to your calendar and you should find “NTU timetable” waiting to be checked as visible.

     Normally your phone will have already had a chance to sync and notice the new calendar but if you have only just added a new calendar it might not have noticed yet.  The above forces it.

  • Avatar
    N0196676 (Lisa Sartorius 2007)


    I have tried all of the above and I can still only see the timetable in my browser in the Google calendar, but not on my Android phone.

    I also don't appear to have a "Sync all" button, but I have selected all the other options and forced it to sync manually a few times, and still nothing happens.

    Is there anything else I could try?



  • Avatar
    Alhareth Elshibani 2012 (N0432846)

    am having problems 

  • Avatar
    Russell Claxton 2011 (N0368265)

    It is working now! :)   (on android galaxy S2 for me)


  • Avatar
    N0360737 (Simon Wiggins 2010)

    Having problems with this.

    After following the instructions only one lecture appears every Thursday.

    Did this last year the same way and it worked fine so not sure why it doesn't work this year

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    The code is basically the same as last year just with some extra caching of the output to a database so the only difference will be that the data might be up to 2 hours old rather than up to the second live.

    Otherwise it is the same as previous years.



  • Avatar
    N0360737 (Simon Wiggins 2010)

    It worked with the added cache call thank you

    Everytime I unsubscribed and re-added it took the old name of the calender so i assume Google kept a track of past calendars I'd added and that was somehow messing it up.


    Thank you for the quick reply and solution

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    McAteer, Degan

    Hi all,

    Most of the timetabling issues should now be resolved. If you are still having difficulties with syncing your timetable to your device please use the "Submit a Request" form at the top of the page. When filling out this form please give exact details of your issues to help our team in finding a solution as quickly as possible.



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    N0379214 (George Carpenter 2011)

    Works fine, my phone is rubbish and I had to access the calenders menu another way but this should be very helpful when I can't remember where I'm supposed to be!


    NTU Biochemistry

  • Avatar
    N0419726 (Nicholas Turner 2012)

    Cheers. This was really useful. Can now wake up in the morning without having to turn my laptop on.



    NTU product design

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    N0293479 (Tony Eades 2009)

    BANG ON!

  • Avatar
    N0396820 (Helen Cheung 2011)

    Hi I was wondering if I could sync my timetable with BlackBerry?

  • Avatar
    McAteer, Degan

    Hi Helen,

    Have you tried entering a search for Blackberry in the forums? I believe we have a couple of useful guides...



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    N0304828 (Rudi Hayward 2010)

    It was working. Despite still being synced on my google account there is now none of my timetable present. I've unistalled and re synced it and that hasn't helped. Shame because this is a really good idea and can see it being incredibly useful if it works properly.