Syncing NTU timetable with your Apple Device

This guide will help you to sync your NTU timetable with your Apple device, allowing you to view your timetable on the device’s own calendar.

To begin, in your Apple device select the Safari browser, navigate to your NTU Timetable either in NOW or on the Staff Portal, and select “Subscribe to iCal”.

If you are brought to the NOW Sign-on screen, enter your NTU username and password as normal.


You will then be taken to the following screen

Tap and hold on the “Access Calendar feed” link, this will bring up the following dialogue window

Select Open in Calendar

Tap on “Subscribe”, a dialogue window informing you that the calendar has been added should appear

If you then tap on the “View Events” option, you will be taken to your calendar screen, which should now show your NTU timetable as well as any other calendars you may have set up on your device.

Setting refresh period

To ensure your device is always showing your current NTU timetable, please check how often your device is checking for updates.

To do this go to:

Settings  the Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Accounts and passwords for iOS 11

Tap to select Fetch New Data

Tap to select NTU timetable

Under select schedule make sure that ‘Fetch’ is selected.


Go back to the Fetch New Data page

Scroll down to the Fetch settings

Select one of the schedules listed

If ‘Manually’ is selected, your NTU timetable will only update when you open up the Calendar app

That is the setup complete.

You can also add reminders for events e.g. lectures. To do this:

Open Settings and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Scroll to the Calendars section, select Default Alert Times

Set your default alerts for each of the types listed


 Select Events and then choose your reminder time 



This service is a subscription to your NTU timetable. This means that you will be dependent on how often your Apple device will update your Calendar, and your connection to the Internet or a 3G network.

If you are in any doubt about the accuracy of your NTU Timetable, please consult your timetable directly within NOW.

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  • Avatar
    N0478351 (Jayne Perks 2012)

    Half of my Ntu calendar details just vanished off my phone... But the other half are still there hmmmm

  • Avatar
    N0401403 (Luke Dallison 2011)

    What ever update that was undertaken today 01/10/12 has completely wiped a majority of my timetable away.

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    Interesting, worrying but interesting.  The change was reverted this morning so everything should be back to normal now.

    We need to do some digging into why the tweak caused such a massive effect and which versions of IOS we need to check against for future tweaks.

  • Avatar
    Williams, Ellen 2012 (PGR)

    Just added it to my i phone with no problems, all lectures present and correct. Great idea, thanks :-)

  • Avatar
    N0258901 (Edward Wilson 2009)

    Great that we can get this on our phones but the titles are useless! They need to be made more 'human' friendly such as the module name not the code...

  • Avatar
    Rizwana Khalifa 2011 (N0275298)

    Does anyone know how to get the timetable onto a Blackberry?

  • Avatar
    McAteer, Degan

    Hi Rizwana,

    Have you tried entering a search for Blackberry in the forums? I believe we have a couple of useful guides...



  • Avatar
    N0478948 (David Wall 2012)

    took me awhile to find how to do it properly... but it works ( iphone)

  • Avatar
    N0474548 (Meshal almofadhi 2012)

    Worked fine with an IPhone 


  • Avatar
    N0324266 (Lauren Entwistle 2010)

    Worked fine with my I pad :)

  • Avatar
    N0482977 (Haydn Jones 2012)


  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    How to add reminders (on IOS):

    1. Open Settings and find "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars". Click it.
    2. Scroll to the Calendars section, select Default Alert Times.
    3. Set your default alerts for each of the types listed.
  • Avatar
    N0401378 (Rebecca Hurt 2011)

    Can't get it on iPhone. Maybe not comparable with iOS7 yet? Can it be sorted asap please. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    We have tested the feed on IOS7 on an iPhone this morning to reconfirm it works correctly, the subscribe was done via the normal page and the feed worked as expected.

    Rebecca please give it another go and raise a call with us if the problem persists.

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Dye 2013 (N0496562)

    I keep being directed to this screen when I click on 'subscribe to ICal".

  • Avatar
    Mairs, Jake 02

    Thanks Elizabeth. If you now try again and if this does not work, please "submit a request" via the top of this screen and we will see what we can do to resolve the issue for you.

  • Avatar
    Gordon Brown 2014 (N0537974)

    Not working with iOS8, page does not exist :(

  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Gordon,

    I will log a ticket with our Timetable team to take a look, you will receive an email shortly.

  • Avatar
    N0585414 (Imogen Chilton 2014)

    Will it use up your internet data at all?

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    Imogen, it will depend on how often your phone tries to sync the file.

    The file will be downloaded regularly if you've subscribed, so it will use some of your internet data allowance.

    We recommend letting it update every 2 or more hours depending on how much your timetable changes.

    The file is only around 50-100Kb is size depending on your timetable which is about the same as a image on a web page.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Jeyes 2014 (N0605550)

    This isnt working for my iPhone 5s. It keeps coming up with the same error message :

    "Cannot Subscribe, Could not subscribe to the calendar 'ttredirect.asp' from 'elearn.ntu.ac.uk'."

    please help

  • Avatar
    Spence, John

    If you get "page does not exist", please make sure you are using Safari on your iPhone/iPad when you click the link as other browser don't seem to currently trigger the subscribe in the same way.

    We've tested the feeds on two devices (iPhone/iPad) running iOS 8 and both seem to subscribe.

  • Avatar
    N0596971 (Mark Niemz 2014)

    Managed to sync my timetable to iCal on my mac, but just installed office 365 and want to sync timetable with outlook 2011, how do I do this?

  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Mark,

    Please see the link below for the guide on how to connect to your timetable using Outlook 2011.

  • Avatar
    T0021085 (Yuankun Li 2013)

    It works well on my iphone and ipad. Now it is easier for me to check the schedules. Thanks!!