Eduroam Wireless Configuration for Mac OSX 10.3+

  • Click on the Airport menu and Turn Airport On if not already, click on eduroam in the list of available wireless networks:
Picture of Airport Menu, eduroam selected
  • A username and password window should appear. Enter your NTU username with @ntu.ac.uk appended. For example, if your username is com3other, enter com3other@ntu.ac.uk as your username.
Login details window
  • Use your normal NTU password.
  • 802.1X Configuration should be set to Automatic.
  • Click OK.
  • You may then get a box stating “The server certificate is not trusted because there are no explicit trust settings”. Click Show Certificate.
Verify certificate window
  • You should now be presented with a window titled “Verify Certificate”. It should say eduroam.ntu.ac.uk in the middle of the window.
Full certificate
  • Check that it says This certificate is valid in the middle of the window.
  • Tick the box Always trust these certificates
  • (for Mac OS 10.3 where it says When using this certificate select Always Trust)
  • Click Continue. You may get a box asking for your local admin username and password for your Mac. Enter your local username and password.
Admin login
  • You may then be asked to enter your local credentials again to make changes to your certificate trust settings..

Local login

  • Your computer will now authenticate with the network and then you should be able to access the internet. If you get an error saying that authentication has failed, repeat the above steps.
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