NTUanywhere – What is it and how can I use it ?

NTUanywhere - What is it and how can I use it?

NTUanywhere is a remote access service that allows you to securely connect from your device to NTU from anywhere. The service enables home working and accessing NTU resources whilst on the move.

NTUanywhere enables you to securely access your email, home directory, soft phone, file shares and access your NTU PC (when enabled) as well as pre-defined NTU and custom enabled web bookmarks.

Many different types of devices can connect to the service such as:

  • PCs and Laptops running Windows, MAC OS X or Linux Operating Systems
  • Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android

NTUanywhere provides two layers of access.

NTUanywhere Guides

Below you will find the setup guides for NTUanywhere.

Windows PC

NTU staff and student

This service is available to all NTU users.You will be presented with bookmarks to various applications. Some of these will be generic to all users such as Outlook Web Access whilst others might be specific to your College, School or department.Ideal for access from a public PC say in a Cyber Café or if you just want access to the provided bookmarks.

NTU staff only

This service is available to staff only and provides enhanced functionality.Using an additional component called Pulse Secure you will have full network access to NTU resources and be able to use a soft phone, access file shares and your NTU PC. This truly brings the office to your remote device.

To use this, additional security requirements will need to be in place. See the document Using NTUanywhere - Security requirements for more details.

How can I use NTUanywhere?

NTUanywhere provides web bookmarks within an Intranet style environment. It centralises web bookmarks such as CHRIS, Outlook Web Access, Badger and IS Service Desk Requests and provides single sign on to these systems. Some of these bookmarks will not be accessible without the use of NTUanywhere. Some bookmarks will be role based meaning you will get bookmarks specific to you or your college/school/department.

You can also create your own personal bookmarks.

Personal Bookmarks

You can create your own bookmarks to act as shortcuts to web sites and network locations. These are like your favourites within Internet Explorer and once set-up they will be there every time you connect. Instructions on how to do this are within the online help section (the “lifebuoy” icon at the top right of the screen). See the Web bookmarks and Files sections within the online help.

Pulse Secure 

These are additional components you can install to give you full network access to NTU resources and be able to use a soft phone, access file shares and your NTU PC (when enabled). Once installed your device is like being directly connected to the NTU network.

  • You can use programs like Remote Desktop Connection to access your NTU PC, applications like Secure Shell (SSH) and map network drives to connect directly to the NTU network
  • Mobile devices like iPads and iPhones can do this while being on the move. Applications normally only accessible whilst being in NTU suddenly become accessible from anywhere.
  • If you have Cisco’s IP Communicator software installed you can use your office phone wherever you are.

Pulse Secure is used for Windows, Macs and iOS/Android devices. Network Connect is used for Linux devices.
NTU laptops and Macs are pre-installed with the Pulse Secure client.

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  • Avatar
    Humphrey, Donna

    Useful information but does not tell you how to set up Network Connect and Junos Plus

  • Avatar
    Kingsbury, Charlotte

    Where is the information about how to set it up and get started please?

  • Avatar
    McAteer, Degan

    Hi Charlotte,

    Is this what you are looking for? https://support.ntu.ac.uk/entries/20981161-ntuanywhere-windows-pc

    There are also other guides for other devices, if you search for "ntuanywhere" within the forums these will come up.