NTUanywhere – Blackberry/Symbian user guide


In order to use NTUanywhere you will need a connection to the Internet.

Accessing NTUanywhere 

Note: Blackberry and Symbian phones cannot use Network Connect or Junos Pulse and therefore cannot get full network access. Only Web bookmarks are available.

Browse to the url https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk/. The NTUanywhere notification will be displayed.


Click Proceed if you are an authorised user (NTU staff or student). You will then be presented with a login screen. 

Sign in with your NTU username and password and click Sign In.

You will then see the screen above. Clicking on Web Bookmarks will give you access to the web links available to you (The VPN link is not valid for Blackberry and Symbian phones).

Click on Home to take you back. File Browsing will give you access to your file bookmarks such as your home directory or any others that have been created for you.


Click Sign out to disconnect.

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