Using NTUanywhere – Security Requirements

NTUanywhere is a remote access service that allows you to securely connect from your device to NTU from anywhere. The service enables home working and accessing NTU resources whilst on the move.

Although data travelling to and from your PC and the university is encrypted when using the service, your PC could still be vulnerable to a malicious attack. It would then be possible for a malicious user on the internet to use your connection to gain access and compromise university systems. Windows systems are most at risk from this.

NTUanywhere uses an application called Host Checker which performs a check on the PC to make sure it has the required security in place before connection is granted.

The following minimum security must be applied to your system before using NTUanywhere.

Using the “NTU staff only” realm (Windows)

This realm allows full network access therefore the following minimum security must be applied to your system before using this realm:

Windows Service Packs

  • Service Pack 1 for Windows 7
  • Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista

Windows Anti-Virus Software

Many of the common anti-virus products are supported by NTUanywhere including:

  • Windows Defender (installed on Windows 8 by default)
  •  MS Security Essentials
  • McAfee VirusScan
  • Kaspersky
  • Avira
  • Norton Internet Security
  • AVG

If your PC doesn’t have one of these anti-virus products or the required Service Pack, you will be automatically directed to the page below enabling you to download an antivirus product.

Please note that the list is only a rough guideline to anti-virus packages that are available, but not necessarily ones that are recommended by Digital Technologies. Some of the packages do however offer versions that are available free of charge.


Using the “NTU staff and student” realm (Windows)

As this realm is designed to be used from public as well as private devices, anti-virus checks cannot be enforced therefore systems using this realm will not be prevented access if they do not comply. 

Other Operating Systems

It is recommended that systems such as Mac OS X and linux have anti-virus installed and the latest security patches applied but NTUanywhere will not check for these.

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