NTUanywhere - Windows PC


In order to use NTUanywhere you will need a connection to the Internet.

To use the “NTU staff only” realm ntuanywhere needs to install a host checker and Pulse Secure application to your device. To do this you must have admin rights to the device to allow them to install. Once installed admin rights are no longer required.

  • NTU laptops (Windows 7 - 64bit)

Pulse Secure will automatically be installed and configured for you so you will NOT need admin rights in this case

Which Operating System versions are supported?

You will also need to be using one of the supported operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows 10: Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop version)
  • Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop version)
  • Windows 8 64bit: Internet Explorer 10 (desktop version), Firefox 31
  • Windows 7 SP1 32 and 64 bit: Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 31; Java 7
  • Windows 10 - Please click here for the guide

Using NTUanywhere

Open your browser

Type https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk/

You will then see the NTUanywhere Notification screen. After reading the information click Proceed if you are an authorised user

You will then be passed to the login screen

Select the Realm you want to log into from the drop down list.

NTU staff and student allows access to the web bookmarks

NTU staff only allows access to the web bookmarks and also full access to network resources such as file shares, your soft phone, allows remote access to your NTU PC and much more. Specific security requirements are required for this selection (see Using NTUanywhere – Security requirements document). Also see pre-requisites above.

Log in using your NTU Username and password. (You do not need to prefix your username with ADS)

Using NTU staff and student

After loading, you will see the “Welcome to NTUanywhere Secure Access” page as shown. 

You should see your NTU Username displayed to identify that you have logged into the portal.

You will be presented with links to various applications. Some of these will be generic to all users such as Outlook Web Access whilst others might be specific to your College, School or department.

Using NTU staff only

After you have logged in you will see a screen “loading components” and depending on your OS, browser and Java installation, a banner asking you to install an ActiveX control. This is required to use the host checking and network connect components. Click Run.

If after a few moments it doesn't start automatically you will need to click on Click here to install…

Please note: Windows Vista/7 users will get a permissions prompt. Click Continue

Once this has moved on to install the ActiveX controller you will get a dialogue box similar to below. Click Install.

The first time that you use NTUanywhere you will see a loading screen displayed, as Juniper Networks is added to your ‘All Programs menu’. You may need to wait a few minutes while loading takes place.

You will be presented with links to various applications. Some of these will be generic to all users such as Office 365 - email whilst others might be specific to your College, School or department.

Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure is an additional component within NTUanywhere that will enable full network access to NTU resources, allowing the use of soft phones, file shares, access to your NTU PC and much more.

Click Start to launch

This will install the Pulse Secure application

When you are connected via Pulse Secure you will see the icon either on your task bar or in your group of active icons  this shows that you are accessing the service securely.

Once installed a program group called Juniper Networks will be added to your “All Programs”. The next time you want to use NTUanywhere you can either start it from your browser, launch Pulse Secure directly from your All Programs/Pulse Secure or via the below icon

This access method can be used if you need full network access to NTU resources, allowing the use of soft phones, file shares, access to your NTU PC but without the provided web links.

To start Pulse Secure directly, launch the application and then just click Connect.

Select Proceed.

Select NTU Staff only


Once you have finished your session you must Disconnect by opening the Junos Pulse application again and clicking Disconnect.

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  • Avatar
    Moss, Karen

    You can't do this without admin rights unlike the previous versions!

  • Avatar
    Ackrill, Robert

    Can you please update this information, to reflect the point - as Karen Moss has already pointed out - we cannot actually follow your advice because we do not have Administrator Rights.

  • Avatar
    Crowley, Mark

    When I log on through the Staff Only  realm, all my prior bookmarks and files (network drive links) have gone. According to this guide there should be various applications, some generic to all users such as Outlook Web Access  - there are none. The download link for Junos Pulse is not there either which means that I cannot update the older version of Juniper Network I was using.

  • Avatar
    Pearson, Mark

    This document has now been updated to reflect the need for admin rights when installing the host checker and Junos Pulse

  • Avatar
    Flinders, James

    I log in as instructed and get no sign of the Junos Pulse stuff at all. Do I need admin rights on my work PC to be able to connect remotely, as far as I know I should be able to remote access. Is there something else I should do other than sign in as above?

    All I have is access to 2 network drives that are utterly irrelevant to me (one for Art & Design, the other for ADBE) and another one (SEE) that won't let me connect.

    I also have an empty web bookmarks section with no option to add bookmarks to it.

  • Avatar
    Gollins, James

    I only have access to my M Drive. I have admin rights on my pc. How do I manage to 1) use Remote desktop and 2) Install Junos. Can't see where to begin

  • Avatar
    Jolly, Stuart

    I found that "mapping your network drive" was useful, which means that you can use NTU anywhere to make your drive appear like anyother drive on your location. Here's a demo of how I did it

  • Avatar
    Gurfateh Singh 2013 (N0499049)

    i want to know how to access wordpress using ntu anywhere. please advise.



  • Avatar
    Mairs, Jake 02

    Hello Gurfateh,

    I have submitted a ticket for someone to look into this and get back to you with advice.

    Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    Shin, Daniel


    i recently changed my password, and as i try to use ntuanywhere using junos pulse (at home), somehow it locks my account.

    i've uninstalled the jupiter network and related host checkings softwheres, in order to reinstall them by following above instruction. now, no such active x conrtrol is poping up. is there anyway i can install this again?

    also don't know why it locks my account. is this something i have to deal with everytime when i change my password?

  • Avatar
    Mairs, Jake 02

    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for your query. I have submitted a ticket for someone to look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    N0511768 (Lewis McCarthy 2013)

    I would also like to know how to access my wordpress as there are no links or instructions.  Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Di Bonito, Marcello

    I too have only have access to my N Drive. I have admin rights on my pc. How do I manage to 1) use Remote desktop and 2) Install Junos. The options seemed to have disappeared...


  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Marcello,

    Are you using Internet Explorer to log onto NTUanywhere? If not can you try and log into Staff Only using Internet Explorer. For how to remote desktop please see here.

  • Avatar
    Uzal, Antonio

    Good afternoon,

    I have logged on NTUanywhere and I have not been asked to download Junos or anything similar to the instructions above. Eventually I do want to use my desktop remotely and syncronise my laptop Outlook. Any advice please?




  • Avatar
    Blanch, Lisa


    I have the same problem as Antonio. I can log onto NTUanywhere, but it doesn't give me any option to download Junos, just goes straight into the main screen (where I only have my drives and an empty bookmark section). My work PC is enabled for remote access. 

    Is there a way to load Junos separately??



  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Antonio and Lisa

    Can you both confirm you are loading NTUanywhere in Internet Explorer and are logging onto the NTU Staff Only Realm on the log on screen.


  • Avatar
    Uzal, Antonio

    I can confirm both.

    Also tried on Chrome, same result.

  • Avatar
    Blanch, Lisa

    Yes, I've also tried Firefox and Chrome and I'm using the NTU Staff Only option.


  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Please note for user using Internet Explorer 11 you need to change your web browser to run in compatibility mode to do this 

    • Click on Tools in the top left hand side  turning-on-compatibility-mode.png
    • Click on Compatibility View Settings


    • Type in ntu.ac.uk then click Add and then close


    You may not see Junos Pulse when you are logging in until you have done this.

  • Avatar
    Mcmonagle, Edward

    Hi, is there a Ubuntu client available?



  • Avatar
    Celina Ablewhite

    Hi Ed

    The support matrix says it supports Ubuntu 9.10 , 10 and 11.

    See here https://support.ntu.ac.uk/entries/20981746-NTUanywhere-Support-matrix-for-devices

    Hope this helps


  • Avatar
    Jacobs, Mark

    I want to say a thanks to the IS people. I struggled with NTUAnywhere for the last decade. One day it worked, then for 3 months it didn't, or even a year. Now it works, on my Win 7 set-up at least, and works well. My major problem was, probably, using the incorrect version of Java which I have sorted. Now all is well.

    So thanks.


  • Avatar
    Mcmonagle, Edward

    Just back on the Ubuntu chestnut. :) Has anyone got Net Connect working?