Student Office 365 - Installing Office For Free

Installing Office 2013 (PC) & Office 2016 (Mac) 

With Office 365 you can install Office on up to 5 PCs/Macs per user.

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To get started log into your email through NOW.

You will then be presented with the following screen

Office Mobile for iPhone and Android phones

Access, edit, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on iPhones and Android phones.  

Please see the set up guides below
Apple Devices
Android Devices   

Alternate method of accessing the install page 

  • Click on Settings in the top right hand side

  • Select Office 365 Settings

  • Select Software


  • Here you can choose your language and select Install 

Installing on your device 

Run the install file after it has downloaded

You must remain connected to the internet during the installation  

Installing on a PC Installing on a Mac
  • Select Sign In


  • Select Sign in

  • Enter your N number@my.ntu.ac.uk for example N0123456@my.ntu.ac.uk and select Next


  • Enter your N Number@my.ntu.ac.uk for example N0123456@my.ntu.ac.uk then Next

  • Enter your NTU password and select Sign In


  • Enter your NTU username and password 
  •  Select Done


  • You are now all set 

System requirements for Office 365 ProPlus

Make sure that the computers on which Office 365 ProPlus is being installed meet the supported system requirements. Office 365 ProPlus can be installed only on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Useful Information 

  • Activation occurs automatically when any of the Office applications are opened for the first time. Activation requires Internet connection.

  • You must connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days. If you don’t connect within 30 days, Office 365 ProPlus goes into a reduced functionality mode
  • Full access to Office will be available until you have graduated. After you have graduated, your account will be deactivated and Office will have limited functionality
  • You need to sign in with your N number@my.ntu.ac.uk to activate office, you do not need to enter a product key

For installing troubleshooting please see here

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  • Avatar
    N0326756 (Jake Rosenthal 2011)

    After installation where would we find our product key to activate the system? Cheers.

  • Avatar
    N0425912 (Rishabh Mehan 2012)

    Where do we find the product key?

  • Avatar
    Callum Mulligan 2012 (N0374889)

    You dont need a product key, just make sure you sign in on installation

  • Avatar
    N0363330 (Richard Campbell 2011)

    You shouldn't need a product key. At some point, you're asked whether you're installing a personal version or one given to you via a business or university scheme. Selecting the latter should enable you to install it without ever entering a product key, but rather just logging in with your NTU email + password.

  • Avatar
    Zikora Obi 2012 (N0444857)

    It keeps asking for the  product key. 

  • Avatar
    Zikora Obi 2012 (N0444857)

    I figured it out. You have to sign in with your 'N number@my.ntu.ac.uk and your password. and not your normal email address 'john.doe2012@my.Ntu.ac.uk'

  • Avatar
    N0368054 (Rebekah Da Silva 2011)

    I've clicked on 'Office 365' at the top left of my NTU emails several times and it re-directs the page back to my NTU emails.

    Need some help, please.



  • Avatar
    N0396442 (Hayley Lowndes 2011)

    I've had the same problem, where I click on 'Office 365' at the top left of my NTU emails and it just re-directs straight back to me NTU emails.

    Any help please?

  • Avatar
    N0414145 (Holly Walton 2011)

    I've had the same problem where it redirects straight back to the emails, any help I would be grateful!




  • Avatar
    Vasil Simeonov 2010 (N0361907)

    In your email account you look top right - Settings -> Office 365 Settings -> Software -> and then you have your "Install" steps. Good luck!

  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Rebekah, Hayley and Holly,

    Can you try accessing the software install page by going to

    • Settings  1.png
    • Office 365 Settings  4.png
    • Software  5.png
    • You should then be able to choose your language and then install here

    Any issues please let me know



  • Avatar
    N0306515 (Garth Boucher 2010)

    how long does this last for? and does it just stop when we leave Uni? Cheers 

  • Avatar
    Celina Ablewhite

    Hi Garth,

    Full access to Office will be available until you have graduated. After you have graduated, your account will be deactivated and Office will have limited functionality.



  • Avatar
    N0428273 (Ben Jolley 2012)

    Mine keeps coming up with the enter product key part. Where do you click on the uni bit? 

  • Avatar
    N0428273 (Ben Jolley 2012)

    Got it! Thanks very much! 

  • Avatar
    N0317286 (Brendan Corrigan 2010)


    I type in "N0317286@my.ntu.ac.uk" at the sign in screen (the screen before you need to put in your password), but it won't allow me to click 'next'? Any idea why..?


  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Brendan, 

    Can you try signing in again?

    Please let me know if there is no change.



  • Avatar
    N0421332 (Alice Jupp 2012)

    Is there a reason no desktop icons were installed? I can open office 2013 but only if i search for word or powerpoint etc specifically.




  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Alice,

    This is standard for the install of Office. On a Windows PC you can add the icons to the desktop by going to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office 2013, here you can right click on the Office applications go to Send To and choose Desktop.

  • Avatar
    N0317286 (Brendan Corrigan 2010)

    Hi Carl,

    Same thing happens, but I'm not that bothered, I'll just use the reduced functionality.



  • Avatar
    N0366171 (Thomas Grimshaw 2011)

    When I try to sign in with N number NTU email address, it won't let me sign in, saying "We couldn't find an account with that email address.  Would you like to sign up for a new Microsoft account?"

    What  should I do?!


  • Avatar
    N0366171 (Thomas Grimshaw 2011)

    Never mind!  Problem solved!


  • Avatar
    Elmashay, Elhussein 02 2007 (PGR)

    I cannot sign in ... !!

  • Avatar
    N0398003 (Narongded Wongngam 2011)

    Hi, is there by any chance you could provide a direct link to download the office 365. I could not access to it nor see it on my now NTU email <<< it is only displaying the old version of outlook and I cannot see the link to download.

    very much appreciation,



  • Avatar
    Ellen Lawes 2012 (N0469827)

    Hi , I cannot seem to download anything. Nothing actually happens when I press the top button. Also I have lost my saved emails ( they were in individual folders down the left hand side of my in box) I'm desperate to get my email back. what has happened ???/ Please help

  • Avatar
    N0193287 (Charlotte Boylett 2007)

    When I press install, after pressing 'Run' it comes up with 'sorry something went wrong, we ran into a problem' instead of giving me the sign in page.. anyone know why?


    Charli x

  • Avatar
    N0402006 (Matthew King 02 2011)


    Having the same problem as others and can't get past the first sign in page once clicked on the Office365 in top left hand corner!?


  • Avatar
    David Gibbs 2013 (N0538546)


    I have installed Office but I cannot open any documents on any of the programs. I can't open documents I have previously saved with MS Word or Excel 2010 and I can't open a new/blank document with 2013. I just get a message saying "Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint has stopped working" and then the program closes itself down.

    Please can I have some help with this? I am using Windows 7 and already have MS Office 2010 installed on my PC. I have tried it once and uninstalled it, and then reinstalled but still get the same problems.

    Thanks. Dave

  • Avatar
    David Gibbs 2013 (N0538546)

    I found the answer on the internet. In case anyone else has the same problem, here's how to solve it:

    Your problem sounds similar to one I had where neither Excel no Word would open a document. They would start and go to the document selection screen, but when I would pick a document I would get an error message telling me that the program had stopped working.  I searched the internet for a solution and on the Microsoft Community site I came across a mention of a problem caused by ABBYY Finereader  and as it happens this program was installed as part of my printers software.  I uninstalled the program and my problems with Office have disappeared.  It worked for me, it may work for you.

    It worked for me too....can open new and old documents on all programs now.

  • Avatar
    N0335708 (Alexandra Seddon 2010)


    Its installed but when i go to type in my password it says it's incorrect, even though I know its right as I just copied and pasted it...